Building a stock reminder Twitter bot with Python and Alpha Vantage API

2020 is (finally!) coming to an end and investors are eager to share their stock market predictions for the upcoming year.

I’d been feeling the itch to work on a side project for a while and I thought – wouldn’t it be cool to easily set these reminders and share their results on Twitter?

With this in mind, I decided to build a sort of Twitter reminder tool like the awesome RemindMe_OfThisbot but specifically oriented towards stock predictions. (I was also partly inspired by the amazing Trump2Cash bot).

After some rough sketches on the white board plus a little research, I decided on the following tools to implement my idea:

  1. Tweepy – an easy to use library for accessing the Twitter API
  2. Alpha Vantage – a free API for fetching real time and historical stock exchange data
  3. Peewee ORM for saving and querying our data
  4. Heroku cloud provider for deployment


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